Programme Nuclear Waste Management, Safety and Radiation Research

Decommissiong Techniques

Concrete removal

The complete decommissioning of nuclear facilities provides a very complex problem for all involved engineers with many constraints and variables that must be considered in the planning and execution of the decommissioning process.

The KIT scientists develop and optimize technologies and systems for the decontamination of surfaces and their respective release measurement. Furthermore, methods are explored to separate massive components and are being tested for their applicability in nuclear facilities. In addition to the technical aspects of decommissioning and dismantling, the scientists optimize management methods. There is a main focus on internal corporate processes, such as licensing and the optimization of project management.
A number of approximately 440 nuclear reactors worldwide are currently generating electricity; further 70 nuclear power reactors are under construction (Source: IAEA, as of November 2013). Hence, this provides an enormous potential for specific research projects in this particular field of science.